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Insulted and assaulted by a Virgin bureaucrat http://www.standard.co.uk/news/insulted-and-assaulted-by-a-virgin-bureaucrat-6876204.html


This account came from 2008, but it is worth reading as it reflects what has become of public service recently. I wonder why?

The government wants everyone to use bicycles but now the trains are privately owned what the train companies will or will not allow is up to them. With over-crowded trains I can understand why they might not want bikes. But the bureaucrats reaction is straight out of a ’70’s comedy, where a disgruntled counter clerk goes ballistic to a normal enquiry.

 I remember the days when everyone, especially working people serving the public, were courteous and helpful. Bad manners were the trademark of gutter yobs hanging out on street corners. Your normal expectation which was rarely disappointed was retail staff, bus conductors and train staff, bank staff, the Tax Office (remember those? There might be one in a museum somewhere) and any bureaucrat you had dealings with, were generally polite and helpful. People did not FEAR interactions with bureaucracy. Now they do.

The top of the offensive list must be the present treatment of welfare claimants who are treated as if they are criminals for making legitimate claims. The HMRC are getting a reputation for bullying innocent tax payers. The new ethos appears to be bureaucracy treats every member of the public as if they are criminal unless they can prove they are not. The utility companies are also noted for intimidation tactics against customers wrongly billed.

If it was just one company offering abysmal service I could understand it – but increasingly it seems to be every organisation that you have any dealings with. And the bureaucracy after making the client jump through hoops to prove they are legitimate never admits that the bureaucracy made an error. Being in the right will not protect you from being stigmatised as a trouble-maker and cheated out of your just entitlement.

Why the culture shift? Isn’t it a bit suspicious when EVERY institution you have dealings with offers expensive but bad service and if you dare to complain, draw attention to an error or even ask a simple question get showered with abuse and counter-accusations about criminal behaviour or insinuations about your mental stability.

I hope to put up more articles as I find them which reflect on this ugly modern trend. I hope to reveal that there is a consistent MO being followed – and that cannot be an accident.