The shocking fate of Moldovan sex trafficking victims revealed http://dailym.ai/NNPw4t via @Femail



Our government’s zealous commitment to human rights and the poor in foreign lands has been completely confirmed by Gay Marriage and allocation £12bn + contribution to foreign aid.

Can we look forward to the same zeal being applied to putting an end to the 800,000 women forced into slavery?

And there’s a bit of a problem with forcing children into prostitution in Birmingham too. You know, like the thousands of children forced to be prostitutes in Lancs, which nobody noticed for ten years or so.

You pushed through Gay Marriage in a couple of years. Perhaps in two years time you will have abolished slavery of women and children in this country and throughout Europe?

Looking forward to a new Golden Age of Human Rights, where gays can marry and children need not fear being turned into prostitutes.

Oh, and do stop apologising for slavery brought about by your ancestors. You can’t do anything about that, but you can put an end to slavery today.

If you want to.