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Police knew grooming gangs were targeting Birmingham schools five years ago but did not alert public http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/police-knew-grooming-gangs-were-9518461#lClD=sharebar_twitter


The police knew 5 years ago that grooming gangs were targeting girls schools and childrens homes but didn’t do anything about it? Haven’t they heard of CCTV cameras famous for deterring crime? All they had to do was put CCTV cameras obviously outside the childrens home and schools, and a visible police car parked outside the school with uniformed coppers inside at school finishing time would have deterred loiterers.

Tell you what, they could also have done what gang stalkers have done to me. Have someone in plainclothes walk right up to the men carrying a large camera in plain view and take a pic.