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Study: McDonald’s Low Wages Cost Taxpayers $1.2 Billion Per Year http://huff.to/19LZn24 via @HuffPostBiz


I thought these geezers rejected political input into free market forces? How does the taxpayer subsidising their low wages come into that? What might the reason be for such an irrational political policy?

Here’s my suggestion. There is a conspiracy, yes conspiracy between politicians and large business. Both government and business wish to keep people poor so they can be made to work for derisory wages. If government does not intervene with it’s top-ups, MARKET FORCES would push wages UP to a living wage level. Then all employers would have to pay a living wage. Subsidising low wages does not bother the government. It is not their own money they are spending. By making it a taxpayer expense, money is leached from every taxpayer making us all poorer, and people working for low wages become clients of the state and subject to every intrusion into their private lives, reduced from independent working citizens to a sub-class of worker. Businesses get cheap workers. Government control is extended over everybody but most of all the working poor who are now locked into low-paid jobs for life, as decent paying jobs have been undermined by government policy.