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Human cost of supermarket price wars: Probe reveals migrant workers exploited by gangmasters http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/human-cost-supermarket-food-price-3955234#lClD=sharebar_twitter


There is an astonishing absence of police presence and media attention to migrant labour exploitation. The media front pages prompt police attention when an idiot gives a migrant verbal abuse ( what the hell, as a woman growing up in Northern Ireland I got street verbal from men on a regular basis, and no police turned up to arrest the culprits) but are strangely absent when they are being grossly underpaid = given 3rd world country wages – and living in insanitary and overcrowded accommodation. We still have laws on intimidation, extortion, a minimum wage and living conditions and Health and Safety,  haven’t we?

Sunday School teachers can deal with respecting others for free. How about the police backing up the governments neverending rhetoric about being polite to foreigners with the same obsessive compulsive minute attention to migrants having the laws of the land broken against them with impunity.