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In the 1950’s the Royal Mail was a major employer, employing about half  a million people.  It now employs about 160,000 and more job cuts are planned.

For 23 years up to 2000 it was in profit, giving millions to the government each year. Those were the days when we had two deliveries, and the post was not only cheap, but quick and reliable.

The first link gives a history of the Royal Mail from its inception.

The second link describes the unasked for political meddling which has brought about the service we have today, increasingly expensive, failures even to meet one delivery, and the universal service under threat.

The final link describes what working for the Royal Mail is like today. It is just one example of many from around the country.

This is privatisation. High prices, unreliable or non-existent service, exploited workers, but large profits for the few. And in the Royal Mail case, the taxpayer footing the bill for pensions. And – nobody asked for this. We were happy with the service we had. The change was dictated. We had no say.

The universal service is only guaranteed up to 2021.


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