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Every MEP in Brussels costs an ‘eye watering’ THREE times more than MPs  in Westminster http://bit.ly/SoippL via @MailOnline


AUSTERITY is being viciously imposed throughout Europe by the EU. Isn’t it time they practiced what they preach? Each MEP costs £1.8 million a year.

At home each MP costs £590,000. Up and down the country the workforce has been slashed leaving those still in work struggling to do their own work plus the work of departed colleagues. Apply AUSTERITY to the Houses of Parliament and cut the numbers of MPs by half. They can do the work of their departed colleagues by giving up their moonlighting jobs. And only pay them for the hours they work.

That MEP’s each cost £1.8 million a year is unbelievable while AUSTERITY is being forced on everyone else in Europe. Where has the idea come from that politicians are ENTITLED to a millionaire lifestyle? There needs to be public exposure why they cost so much. Their incomes and expenses should be CAPPED. A salary of £50k a year should be sufficient. It is much more than most citizens in Europe get. And confined to expenses of £10k to spend as they wish. Confining the EU to one building would considerably reduce travelling costs. What about their CARBON FOOTPRINT? Haven’t they heard of BIKES?

While AUSTERITY is applied to the rest of us we should DEMAND that it is applied to our ruling elite as well.