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Fiona Pilkington’s tragic death resulted in much public hand wringing. We were assured that disability hate crimes would be treated seriously.

Bullying – neighbour harassment – the words on their own do not convey how people’s lives are reduced to a living hell by the crazy, continuous, relentless persecution of neighbours, and most maddening of all the indifference of the authorities, most notably the police.

If you want to understand what victims are forced to endure I suggest you read this thread on the Autism Community website.

The victim is articulate and describes with great clarity the persecution he and his family were subjected to. I feel that in exposing the bullies behaviour he had made a strong move against them and was having an effect. Then in mid-discourse the thread ends.

Please read it and judge for yourself.

Our government is constantly grand-standing human rights, equality and anti-discrimination. Well and good. But the evidence that the words are being backed up by action is rather lacking.


And a reminder about Fiona Pilkington.

Fiona Pilkington case: police face misconduct proceedings http://gu.com/p/2pa7v/stw