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It raises no eyebrows in the UK. Public schools where the children of the ruling class elite are educated have long been associated with paedophilia.

However the implications are interesting. Since the trashing of the grammar schools virtually all our politicians have been schooled in the elite establishments.

The children of the elite are also noted for being spoilt brats, cossetted and pampered. Yet the elite, in full knowledge of the top schools reputations, and these schools are mainly boarding schools so the children have no way to escape even for a short time, sent their children there.

Two points. The elite always get what they want. Paedophilia and bullying  in public schools has been going on for centuries. The elite were in a position to stamp it out. They didn’t.

Perhaps the elite saw paedophilia and bullying served a useful purpose? A method of ensuring when their children became adults they would toe the line and not rock the boat?  The levers of blackmail installed during school days? That children from these schools would become life-long tools of the establishment?

A  child rearing method of total indulgence followed by brutal oppression.

It is often repeated that the abused become the abusers. And who do the upper-classes abuse? Everyone beneath them.

So the weird socialisation in elite schools might have been deliberately designed as an education in how to oppress their “inferiors”.

These are the same kinds of methods used by cults.

Child rearing practices of the British ruling elite have a lot in common with the child rearing practices of the feral under-class. Parental disengagement; emotional neglect; absence of clear consistent boundaries; inconsistency ranging from over-indulgence to brutality; disdain for social and moral norms; absence of parental responsibility. The end result often feral, criminal, immoral adults.

Police profilers take note.