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Tales of Unwise Paths

The Controller hated psychics. He hated psychics, witches, magical people, sensitives, shamans, mediums – whatever you want to call them.  Which made him so good at his job. A zealous, fanatical, paranoid hatred and fear only equalled by his employers.

His employers at one time had initiated psychical research in the hopes of mastering such super-abilities for themselves. What they discovered horrified them. Psychical abilities far from being rare were commonplace. No, not to a high order, but most people had a degree of psychic ability, and this was one element in the power of crowds. Get a large number of low level people together and together, if they had a single objective, their collective will had an effect. And not only in the psychic area.

As Jesus had said – where a number of people gather together –  prayer and meditation also released power.

Further the Controller’s employers had…

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