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A “Ring of Steel” – The UK Spends $80 Million on a Massive Fence to Protect Politicians Ahead of NATO Summit http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2014/08/29/a-ring-of-steel-the-uk-spends-80-million-on-a-massive-fence-to-protect-politicians-ahead-of-nato-summit/

Yes, I know, and I apologise. This is old news, from September 2014 in fact. But unlike our government I am taking their message about AUSTERITY seriously. It seems to me the biggest wasters of our taxes are our governments – both of them. Both the British Parliament and the EU. Alongwith our pampered wealthy elites. It seems that it is only the ordinary folk that AUSTERITY applies to. We are not living in the Middle Ages. Haven’t our leaders heard of telephones and (I am not the computer generation) those clever things called computers where they can even see who they are talking to? What about their carbon footprint flying all over the world?

Why didn’t our government explain, nicely, to NATO that Britain is in the midst of AUSTERITY and hold the conference somewhere else – not in any European country as under the EU every country in Europe is subject to AUSTERITY.

Like Iceland. Shouldn’t think there would be any major security issues there. Pretty simple to monitor people flying into the country for a week or two. Aren’t we “all in it together?”.

£50 million pounds protecting politicians?