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Let me get this straight. Our MP’s on £67k pa need a pay rise. The people in charge of managing the budget for the country who managed to live on £67k last year, think they won’t be able to manage unless their pay is increased to £74k next year. Apparently their pay hasn’t kept up with increases in the cost of living!

This raises a few questions. If MP’s can’t manage on £67k this suggests gross incompetence. Would you trust these people to manage a country’s budget if they cannot manage their own?

Do our MP’s live in this country? It seems to have escaped their notice that the cost of living has leapt for everyone in the country at the same time that wages have been frozen.

If they can’t manage on £67k what are they spending their money on? Booze? Gambling? Wild women (or boys as the case may be).

I suggest to them what they suggest to the hard working people of this country who are really having a hard time managing on derisory wages. Nip down to the CAB (quick, before it is closed because of austerity). They will offer to help you budget. In the meantime I suggest cutting out the Bollie and grape juice is just as good for your health as Chateau Neuf de Pape. Cut out those rich meals, they only contribute to health problems which cost our NHS money. I do hope you don’t smoke and giving up cigars will save a few bob.  Perhaps her indoors could actually look after your  kids instead of paying for a nanny? Nannies are very expensive – so I’ve been told. Move out of London. Try Middlesborough – house prices and rents are a lot lower there. Perhaps a mountain of money could be saved by moving occupiers of the Houses of Parliament and Buck Palace to Bradford. The vacated buildings could be sold to an Arabian sheik and pay off our national debt.

(Sorry. Got a bit carried away. But I didn’t vote for the Hypocrisy Party and they make me fume).



MPs should get 10% pay rise, says regulator http://gu.com/p/49dt3/stw