On-line harassment = attempted censorship of free speech. They waste your time, spreading their filth everywhere. Many of them appear to be – going on the kind of material they present –  perverted control freaks whether individual loonies – or sponsored out of tax payers cash.

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Caterpillars, butterflies, moths and all creatures great and small;

ButterflyPeace396BlueAs most if not all of you know, this blog is subjected to continual racial harassment, hate-speech, and threats of defamation unless I delete this blog or change it to report solely on black-on-black crime. Word Press provides options to moderate comments. However, the perpetrators circumvent those options by using proxy IP addresses.

When the comments first started in September 2012, I ignored them as mere harassment. Then I was threatened that the perpetrators would “ruin” my reputation unless I stopped blogging. Still, I paid the threats no attention and kept minding my own business. They then made up names for me that they purported being my real names – yes, plural. They couldn’t decide what name, if any, was my real name. They ended up harming and harassing others who are not me.

Along with that, they took to posting…

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