A Word in Your Ear

I have been a radical for all of two years in my sixty-three year life. How come? What are my politics? Middle of the classical political spectrum around the classical liberal/social democrat/democratic socialist area. I have always been a strong supporter of Trade Unions.  I agree with the Conservatives about some things, but strongly disagree with them on others. Ditto for Labour. Throughout my life I have been a floating voter, trying in vain, and great frustration to find a party that I could wholeheartedly support. It only happened twice. The short lived SDP (Social Democratic Party) and Paddy Ashdown’s Liberals, and I definitely did not want Blair. I hoped to have the opportunity to vote for John Smith. When the Conservatives are in they energetically enforce policies I oppose but not conservative policies I agree with, and Labour also apply the policies I don’t want, but not the ones…

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