(Sigh!) How do you un-choose them?

Mind the Gap

Inequality is everywhere you look.

There is race discrimination, gender discrimination, nationality discrimination, sexuality discrimination, age discrimination, and religious discrimination everywhere. There’s even discrimination discrimination, where people are discriminated against depending on who they themselves discriminate. These are all very real. But, in my opinion, these are all sub-categories under the umbrella of the ultimate inequality tool: class discrimination.

Let’s just look at one of the highest employment positions of the UK: Prime Minister. How many Prime Ministers came from wealthy backgrounds and studied at OxBridge? Answer: all of ’em. So let’s have a look at my situation. I was born into a coal-mining/steel-working family. I studied hard and got decent grades despite living on the breadline. I wanted to go to university, so I got a job at a popular DIY chain and worked there for a year before getting a place at Sheffield Hallam University, where I studied hard…

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