Stop Making Sense

Camille H writes for Rap Rehab:

jay-z-money-1‘During the beginning of Hip Hop culture, emcees used lyrics to shed light on the poor socio-economic circumstances of their inner-city “ghettos,” commentating on the extreme poverty and squalor in which they were forced to live — Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message” for instance. But later, once Hip Hop and rap music became commercialized and turned into a money making commodity, capitalism took over and instead of rap lyrics shedding light on economic inequality and unfair, skewed wealth distribution, it became a means to train the inner city communities to spend money in ways that forced dollars out of their own communities, keeping the poor shackled in poverty, with little control over their own money.

The new motto became, “Big Pimpin’, Spending Cheese” and “Money, Cash, Hoes,” because, of course, it is now “All About the Benjamins.” Of course, you…

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