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As governments become more invasive, subjecting their citizens to universal surveillance (email, phone calls, CCTV, and other ways of scooping up essentially all information, breaking encryption, hacking into computers, and so on), they also become more secretive, classifying everything and hiding what they are doing so that citizens do not know. It creates a great inequality of information: the government starts to know everything about you as you are able to know less and less about the government. For example, two recent reports in McClatchy:

US sets new record for denying, censoring government files

White House is again refusing transparency, groups charge

Add to that the many ways that NSA has been secretly spying on us, as well as on our allies and our enemies—as revealed by Edward Snowden—and the way the Obama Administration viciously persecutes any whistleblower who informs the public of what the government is doing (well, except…

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