One or two incidents like this you could treat as accidents. But as they keep happening they are likely deliberate. There exists precedents for this disgusting behaviour. One is military – to deliberately violate a defeated enemy by degrading what is important to them – psychological debasement to demoralise . The same tactics are used against subjugated races in preparation for enslavement. To break their spirit to bring about compliance.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

DWP tells grieving mum her sick son must attend work interview – on the day of his funeral

The Department for Work and Pensions sent a letter to the mother of a dying man telling him he had to attend a work interview while he was in intensive care.

And although the man’s mother told the Job Centre about her son’s serious condition – they ignored her and sent another letter which arrived on the day of her son’s funeral:

Grieving Burntwood mum hits out over job centre’s letter

But this is NOT an isolated case or a simple mistake.

Here is yet more proof that it is NOT so-called benefits fraudsters who are being targeted by the Cameron/Clegg government – but the genuinely sick, disabled and even dying:

Shameful Britain: terminal cancer patient told to attend work interviews or lose benefits

Thousands of Cancer Patients Wait For Six Months…

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