Order Of Truth

gcupIn an exclusive, the BBC programme ‘Newsnight’ reveals more information that there was a cover-up by government of child abuse by high-profile figures.

An undercover team investigating the late Liberal MP, Cyril Smith, and others during the 1980s were forced to stop their investigation and hand over all evidence they had gathered during their three-month enquiry by a ‘senior police officer’ they had never met before.

The senior police officer demanded that all photographs, video recordings, notebooks, and paperwork was handed over otherwise the officers involved in the investigation would face prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.

A former police officer who was familiar with the original investigation contacted the Newsnight team with evidence of the original investigation and the ensuing cover-up.

The investigation team consisted of regional crime squad officers, including some from Yorkshire, who were based at Gilmour House police headquarters in Kennington, south London.

The secret operation…

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