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Tales of Unwise Paths

The Controller wandered over to the window to enjoy the view from his new office. The gardens of the country house stretched down to the river bounded by woodland. The only noise a riot of bird song. The endless hum of traffic  was long gone.

He recalled the Great Vaccination  of 2030. It had immediately followed the unanimous decision of all world governments to make vaccination mandatory, no exceptions on any basis whatsoever, including proven medical grounds of unsuitability. Shortly after a world-wide pandemic of flu had resulted in all governments requiring every citizen to have a flu jab.

Disposing of the bodies had been a huge operation. The gargantuan freeze-dry and crush factories had worked non-stop for more than a year. Specially selected healthy specimens had been given a dummy jab and sent off to remote holiday camps where they lived in happy ignorance until their spare parts were…

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