if the government wants 100% employment including the ill, disabled and dying, mothers with young children, the elderly who have had their retirement ages put back, every migrant, the young and homeless – fine. When an applicant goes to a Job Centre and the Job Centre can’t find a job to match the applicant – they should pay up and that should be the end of it. It is the government’s actions that have contributed to the shortage in jobs, undermining our industries, loading small and medium sized businesses with red tape, complicit in off- shoring jobs, and simultaneously increasing the population. The job shortage is completely the government’s responsibility. The only people we should vote for are anyone who will guarantee the provision of good, secure conditions, living wage jobs for 100% of the population, and with virtually open borders everyone else who arrives here. It is not the fault of the elderly, sick, disabled, young, mothers and other unemployed that there aren’t enough jobs. It is the governments fault, their responsibility, and scapegoating everyone else is a disgusting political tactic to mask their enormous failure.

the void

sanction-deaths A pregnant women who was sanctioned in disguise at a recent protest so Jobcentre staff don’t recognise her. From The Poor Side Of Life

Iain Duncan Smith’s mass use of benefit sanctions is driving people to their deaths.  But it began under Labour, and was not opposed by most trade unions or charities established to support people living in poverty.

In 2008 the Labour government published a green paper entitled ‘No one written off: reforming welfare to reward responsibility’ (PDF).  Gordon Brown himself wrote the forward to the document pledging “tough responsibilities that respect tax payers” for all of those on some form of out of work benefit.

Even for a Government which had already introduced workfare and the despised Work Capability Assessment, some of the measures proposed were shocking.  These included mandatory work related activity – a vague term that often means workfare – for both sick and…

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