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AFRICOM internal slide

Let us take a look at some of the points mentioned on this map of Africa by the United States Africa Command. AFRICOM being a military organisation, one should presume they want to solve these issues militarily.

“Across the Continent: Poor Governance”. Presuming for the sake of argument that is supposedly true for all African countries: does AFRICOM really think that United States wars for regime change are the answer? After what happened in Iraq, Libya, etc. after United States armed forces attacks?

Depletion of Fishing Grounds‘: if AFRICOM is really serious about that, then they should attack the overfishing big ships owned by multinational corporations, often based in countries which are military allies of the Pentagon.

‘Trans-Sahel: “Undergoverned” areas‘: often, because of military coups by military dictators, sometimes (like in Mali) educated by … AFRICOM.

‘Trans-Sahel: Transnational Extremism’: to…

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