eats shoots 'n leaves

Democrats love free trade agreements, even though they destroy their own powers traditional base, the working people of the United States.

Remember NAFTA, the gift of Bill Clinton and enthusiastically supported by Hillary? It took an independent, eccentric presidential candidate— Texas plutocrat Ross Perot — to point out that the real losers would be American workers.

Other big losers included the environment and government transparency, since NAFTA, like subsequent trade deals, provides for secret tribunals in which corporations can sue sovereign [sic] nations is their laws get in the way of profits, tribunals which never release transcripts nor even detailed reports on the facts and arguments presented.

But Obama is pushing hard for an agreement that will give corporations even greater power and allowing them to escape the last vestiges of taxation.

It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership, and one of its leading opponents is a legislator who also fought…

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