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The first answer is in the methods they use, lies, ignoring law, bullying and manipulation.

The second answer is in whom they despise, vilify and exploit.


Working people

Poor people

Small business people



and anyone who stands against their exploitation –

Those who uphold Rule of Law

Honest Journalists

Christians or moral people of any/no faith

Older people

Young dissidents


People who complain



Trade Unionists

Supporters of democracy


Charity workers

Supporters of Free Speech

There appears to be an ideological war being waged against free Western democracies and the principles on which Western culture is based. All those mentioned in the title are parties to the assault. All their victims/prime targets are listed in the text.

All those listed in the title share the same objective. To turn society into two classes of people – predator and prey, exploiter and exploited, master and slave.

All targeted groups need to unite around the core principles of Rule of Law, the same law applied equally (blindly = without favour) and nobody “above the law”.

Democracy which involves not simply putting an X on a ballot paper, but those elected offering policies which the people want, and  compelled to carry them out.

Social Justice  – we all pay a huge proportion of our life long incomes in taxes, and those taxes should be retained within the country to maintain infra-structure and provide insurance support for the citizens, such as welfare and pensions; and our elected representatives are elected to represent ALL of us, not privileged interests who grease their palms, whether directly or indirectly. We also need transparency. No change should be foisted on the populace without public debate, examination and permission, or with the origin/originator of the change being concealed.