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A Word in Your Ear

What if you had a totalitarian government? Who are their enemies? Why, the dissidents of course. The anti-fascists, the patriots, the supporters of democracy, Christians, libertarians – individuals across the whole range of the political spectrum from the Marxist left to the libertarian right. And the mass of people in the middle ground. But if you want to end resistance you only have to cut off the head – the intelligent, the creative, the freedom lovers. A group with the capability to resist being perhaps no more than 10% of the population, and of that 10% only a portion who are motivated to resist.

But how? How do you get rid of/silence these people? Isolated, quiet individuals can be picked off individually. People who are socially invisible are easy targets. People who never spoke out, with no public profile. They can die, disappear, end up in prison or a mental…

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