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This is supposing the 21 year old is financially independent from then on (hahaha).







A secretary’s pay is about £16k per annum. Many lower paid workers, mainly women are on less than this.

Our government tells us that work is the way out of poverty. Our wages are not sufficient to live in Britain.

The problem is the cost of living is too high.

The figures speak for themselves. This is a problem for the government to solve. Either bring pay levels up to the level that people can afford the cost of living or bring the cost of living down.

Raising the pay of all lower paid workers to the £26k average would be a start.

Bringing the cost of accommodation down is also needed.

But most of all the government should abandon policies which increase poverty. Freeze above inflation price rises – not pay. Support local enterprises, creating jobs and scrap red-tape strangling small businesses. Drop further education fees to a level a worker on £15k could feasibly afford – so that the workforce can afford to train up for better jobs. Tax people who have homes they under-occupy -such as second homes apart from the main residence which is used as a holiday residence and unoccupied most of the time. Stop diverting our taxes, money, the life- blood of the economy out of the country. We live here. We are taxed here. Those taxes should be spent here. And ban 6-figure salaries for anyone paid out of the public purse. That is a complete waste of money when there is no shortage of competent people who would be willing and able to do the job for less.

Stop adopting policies which increase poverty. And wasting tax payers money on propaganda telling poor people it is their own fault. It is only their own fault for deferring to and supporting incompetent or corrupted government.

The blame for our present situation hangs totally on the government. It is time they did the job they were employed to do.