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I came across the above article when out of curiousity I tried to find out if, after the experience of the Louvre, Paris, London museums had become venues for pickpockets since they dropped entry charges.

When I lived in London, before free entry was instituted my husband and I visited many museums, and found their entry fees reasonable. Museums were quiet and it was possible to enjoy the exhibits in peace and almost certain safety.

With free entry that changed ( and we stopped visiting museums). Museums became congested, chock a bloc with children running wild, evidently enjoying their freedom from school.

As pick pockets seek crowded locations, with lots of distractions, it seemed to me likely that museums might now be popular pick pocketing venues. However, I have not as yet found any information indicating whether pickpocketing has increased in London museums since free entry.  But I discovered the above article which describes the extreme abuse the trafficked children are subjected to. Like trafficked prostitutes they can expect to be beaten, raped and tortured if they fail to meet the financial targets their  controllers set.

The EU countries still have identifiable borders. Legislating free movement has created the problem. What has the EU done to protect the children from exploitation?