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A Word in Your Ear

Christianity was purveyed to the people over centuries by the ruling class. The feudal pattern held that the eldest son of the nobility inherited. A second son entered the military. A third son entered the church. Following the priesthood was less a vocation, more a ruling class strategy to cover all bases.

But Christianity was founded on the poor and oppressed. It was a powerful counter-stroke against the many prevailing ideologies of “god-kings”. Christianity has always had the powerful political theme, that we should not have as our first allegiance any human power, human law or human custom, but acknowledge that Divine power and authority is greater than these. It laid a solid moral foundation for resisting immoral leaders, unjust laws and unfair social customs.

As such, it presented an ongoing dilemma for those in power. Christianity not only gave ordinary people the right to judge their rulers and refuse…

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