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1. This multiple-occupancy building which previously housed “normal” working or retired tenants who lived there for years now houses obvious criminal types, with a frequent turnover of residents. The same residents will be living at multiple addresses. There will often be a migrant population.

2. The house will be the centre of noise nuisance, a focal point for strangers of an undesirable type. The police will call often.

3. It will have been made known that prostitutes live at address and women dressed like prostitutes will be seen hanging about.

4.  THE FRONT DOOR WILL OFTEN BE LEFT OPEN AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT. Oddly, this is NOT accompanied by anincrease in break ins and burglaries at the address. Do the local criminals know the house is a set up?

5. The resident Targeted Individual, an ordinary member of the public, but often a single woman, a gay person or a person of colour and working class, usually unknown to them the slander that they are a prostitute/homosexual/paedophile will have been spread to everyone in the community that they meet. They are the BAIT in the residence. The door is left open to allow potential customers of prostitutes, drug users, sexperverts and vigilantes to freely walk in. Such people can then be blackmailed to become gang stalking recruits.




I am Margaret Clair McCleary (Mrs, nee Agnew)

I live at 28 Spring Grove, Harrogate, England.

When I was at Ulster University (Coleraine campus) in the 1970’s, doing a BA in Philosophy, focusing on religion, the gang stalking started. Strange men started hanging around the remote cottage where I lived, I was socially shunned, I was turned down for my application for a post graduate thesis on ” Rationality and Religion” despite having high grades up to then, and was prevented from getting work. My parents moved house when they saw a man with a gun hanging about the back of their house.

I moved to England for work 31 years ago, and while my husband and I lived in London our lives were plagued with noisy, high profile nuisance neighbours, and we were forced to move 3 times. The first when a gangster moved in; the second when the house was made uninhabitable by fire started in the other flat, and finally priced out by high rent.

I worked for the Royal Mail for 20 years, first as a Code Desk Operator in Bradford ( photo above), then as a Postman/Cook in London.

I only discovered ” gang stalking” last year.

My hobbies are reading, current affairs, and before I was affected by arthritis 6 years ago, swimming and working out at the gym.

My politics are classical liberal, and throughout most of my life I have been apolitical.

I have no criminal record and no history of mental imbalance. I have never taken drugs.

The above is the truth. If you have heard anything else about me, it is lies.