So, if the owner is law-abiding the cops shoot the dog. If the owner is a criminal, the cops don’t. So the cops aren’t stupid. They know what they are doing and it is deliberate.


WireAP_b7dcb5176b9f47d6a41b8a5a80cbbf68_16x9_992Bo is the type of dog everyone loves. Happy, friendly . . . well perhaps a bit too friendly. His owner, Edwin Henderson, ran from police serving a drug search warrant and hid the in the surrounding terrain. When an officer saw his dog Bo he said “go get him” and let him loose. Bo did precisely that, running to some high grass with his tail wagging excitedly in finding Henderson. The police were no less excited. They arrested Henderson with failure to obey police, manufacturing a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is accused of being a meth dealer.

It is not clear what will happen to the dog, who is likely to be viewed as something of a rat. There must be a witness protection program for canines to assume a new name and identity, perhaps as a ranch dog in Montana?

Source: ABC

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