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A 10 hour school day for children from the age of 2?

Add travel time to that. Not every parent can get their child into the nearest school, and journeys of an hour are not uncommon.

What child has the stamina to concentrate for 10 hours? Whatever they will be doing at school for all that time, it won’t be learning.

Children have different needs for sleep. 12 hours is not unusual in the under-10’s.

All that time at school will take up all the daylight hours through much of the year.

What time is left for the child to play, to have a social life, to have a hobby, to be creative, to read a book, or think?

What will happen to psychological health? If a child becomes exhausted, will it be punished for that? Will institionalising all our children in this way damage healthy personality development? Will the result be a generation of de-personalised people?

What will it be like to look back on childhood, and all your memories were being at school – nothing else.

What is the point of this, and at this time. Austerity is being imposed everywhere, yet this proposal inevitably will involve increased expenditure. Another reform that no-one asked for.

Personally, I can see only one strategic reason for lengthening the school day ( and it is not to turn out highly qualified people by the age of 14). It is to give the state total control over childhood. Exhaustion increases susceptibility to brain washing, along with total control of the subject’s environment. And de-personalised automatons, used to 10 hour days with travel time on top, from the age of 2, will not think anything amiss of 10 hour working days as adults, with no expectation of leisure time to follow their interests ( because they won’t have any).

It is said school is preparation for adult life. This is the schooling you would expect for future slaves.