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Secret Stalking Cult

Low earners have great difficulty finding safe, affordable, decent accommodation. Women are the largest component of low earners. Women are also the greatest category of gang stalking victims. The following are tactics gang stalkers use to harass (mainly) women, in their own homes.

The sequence of events is this. You have finally found accommodation that is reasonable, affordable and the neighbours are normal, decent, working or retired people. You feel safe here.

1.    A near neighbour moves out and the noise pest from hell moves in. You, and all the other tenants are subjected to loud music for hours at a time at unsocial hours. The neighbour stamps about continuously, slamming doors and banging cupboards and dropping heavy objects on the floor. They run taps all hours of the night.

The noise is on-going, continuous and intermittent, so you are being subject to the startle response many times a…

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