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It takes a lot to bring jaded politicians to tears, but a 91-year-old British World War II did just that with a rousing address to members of the Labor Party.

Form the BBC:

Sky News describes the event:

A 91-year-old Second World War veteran has upstaged Ed Miliband at the Labour Party conference with a passionate and tear-jerking speech on the health service.

Harry Smith moved audience members to tears as he made a passionate case for the NHS and warned David Cameron: “Keep your mitts off my NHS.”

Mr Smith received a number of standing ovations as he detailed his life in a “barbarous, bleak and uncivilised” Barnsley slum where he listened to the screams of a woman dying of cancer because she could not afford the medicine to dull the pain.


Labour politicians, including the shadow health secretary Andy Burnham, wept openly as he described how his…

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