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– then they won’t have the time , energy or resources for insurrection.

I wonder …


It can take a lifetime for a poor person to work their way out of poverty. After a lifetime of work they might just have become comfortably off, able to relax a little from a lifetime’s work, and have something to leave their children, so that their children can start a little way up the ladder, and not spend their lifetime working and living in poverty.

Even the poor can raise themselves given a chance.

But if they did, say an entire working class group of people did, where would you get the workers to work for joke wages, year after year, decade after decade?  When workers reach a certain standard of wages, work and living conditions, they will resist working for anything less.

You don’t want the children of the poor to raise themselves out of poverty. You want them to spend their lifetime’s too, scrabbling for a pittance, living in cramped conditions just like their parents did.

You devise ways to make sure one generation who  raised themselves from poverty cannot pass on their wealth, worked for and amassed over a lifetime to their children.

You don’t repeat the mistakes you made in allowing that one generation to lift themselves. You take those opportunities away. You take away access to education, decent affordable housing, reliable free health care, self-education opportunities and libraries.  You flood the labour market with cheap labour so that only the elite can access jobs paying higher than subsistence. You make it impossible for people to by-pass the system by starting up their own businesses.

You infiltrate charities and divert the bulk of those resources, given in compassion and to help others, into the pockets of your own elite.

When all else fails, you just steal their money, in complex white collar crimes, which are difficult to unravel, and which the establishment just “does not have the resources” to investigate.

Those silly, trusting, hard-working serfs with their naive faith in the value of hard work and social justice.

Why they ever thought they would be allowed to work their way out of the gutter and make a better life for their children.