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1.  Cut business rates.

2.  Provide more parking in towns specifically for shoppers, improve local transport and reduce transport costs.

3. Stop the in-flow of red-tape from Brussels hampering small businesses.

4.  Have a bon-fire of British red tape stifling small businesses.

5. Encourage local businesses instead of trans-national businesses. Local businesses stay in the area, don’t suddenly re-locate to Timbucktoo; employ locally, don’t import labour from abroad on lower wages; pay taxes instead of hiding them overseas.

6. Support small banks, building societies and co-operatives instead of “banks too large to fail”.

7. Do something about derisory interest rates on savings, which is bleeding our money away.

8. Instead of holding down wages, hold down rents, taxes, and utility charges. That will keep inflation in check.

9. Do a Leveson style enquiry into any 6-figure salaries in the charity sector or paid out of the public purse. Every pound paid to a poor person is spent. Thousands of pounds paid to one person disappears out of circulation. For example, someone on a salary of £180,000 with a second home in Cornwall, does not spend £90,000 in the Cornish local economy, boosting businesses and providing employment. That money could have been better spent increasing the wages of all his subordinates. Also, we have a global worker market place. Why is ANYBODY on a 6-figure salary, when there is a world-glut of unemployed graduates . Put all 6-figure jobs out to tender. They will be flooded with applicants qualified, willing and able to do the job for £50k.

10. As workers now outnumber job vacancies there is no need for further immigration. Stop immigration immediately, and allow the population to fall until near full employment has been achieved.  If everyone who wants work can find work paying a living wage, the government will be taking in taxes and the welfare Bill will be reduced to the lowest possible level.