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Amongst the political cutlery drawer of manipulative political tools there is one that has not received the attention it deserves, and that is the deliberate creation of social taboos.

Coming from Northern Ireland I grew up with the social taboos of virtually never discussing politics or religion. These topics were very vigorously discussed by my parents, especially by my mother who, to say the least, was not in love with Irish culture. She had come across the world from Australia believing she was coming to England.  How was she to know that a geographical distance that was tiny by Australian standards, a mere twenty miles the closest point between Ireland and mainland Britain, could be such a yawning chasm in culture.

I had only been in England a few weeks when an English person, hearing my Irish accent happily dived into the deep end by starting a conversation about both politics and religion. Although Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, this was my first revelation of what free speech meant, and I welcomed it. I was home at last.

Thirty years on I don’t feel so at home. I am now surrounded by people who quietly appraise you before opening their mouths, and 90 percent of the time, decide not to. How can people deal with the reality they are living in if they can’t talk about it? How can issues and problems be properly discussed if people are afraid to talk about their concerns? We are now living in a country where a competent professional, with no blemish on his professional expertise or character can have his career ended because of what he thinks. And that thought isn’t even radical, but commonplace.

In thirty years the free English, Scots and Welsh have been reduced to craven serfs, like the North Irish have always been.

How has this come about? Our quisling politicians have a lot to answer for. But perhaps a better question is, why?

Perhaps looking at the subjects which were and have recently become taboo, will shed some light.

Take the word “eugenics”. Even saying it causes an involuntary wince, so good has been the conditioning. Eugenics of course was practiced by Hitler with his forced sterilisation and slaughter programmes. The pleasant modern word for this is “ethnic cleansing” which sounds like an admirable health and hygiene routine. Cleaning the word up, the correct word being massacre, makes it half respectable. So maybe ethnic cleansing is about to make a comeback. But since Hitler the taboo word “eugenics” has totally prevented examination of whether eugenics was being practised in the West.

Forced adoption, or in many cases, child kidnapping has been practised in the West for decades. Being born in the fifties, as a white working class woman, I grew up with the awareness that any pregnancy outside of marriage would probably result in forced adoption, where the child would be placed with a nice middle class family. But there were exceptions to the forced adoptions. Social Workers and religious establishments were not interested in handicapped children, mixed race children, or having children adopted where the mother did not have the intelligence to avoid impregnation by a criminal or psychopath.

The ideal mother was white, working or lower middle class and who had got pregnant “by mistake” by a normal, healthy, intelligent man. (the mistake being, the man got the woman pregnant, then ran away).

In overview it appears that working class white women were being used to provide prime babies for the middle class.

In the 1970’s I met a working class woman while at University who suffered epilepsy as a result of being hit by a car (the driver’s fault) when a child. It often occurred that she would have a fit in a public place and wake up in hospital. On one occasion she woke up in a mental hospital and the Social Workers told her she would not be released until she signed over her young daughter for adoption.

A eugenics programme, being carried out in the West but out of sight of public discourse because the subject of eugenics has been made a social taboo.

One might deduce then, that if the establishment deliberately manufactures a taboo subject, then that is a topic they want swept under the carpet, then nailed down.

Subjects that British people have become wary of talking about in the last thirty years. Race, religion, Muslims, foreign cultures, British culture, history, particularly British history, the EU, immigration, gypsies. Crime, especially crime imported by criminals taking advantage of open borders, pick pocketing gangs. Unemployment – in the context of shortage of jobs as opposed to vilifying people not working due to not being able to find any, including people on their death beds and the elderly. Terrorism, the real kind not the thought crimes the authorities are so zealous about. Overpopulation and inferior, over-priced housing. Shed cities sprouting in suburban gardens near London, ignored by Councils  who don’t allow British citizens to house their own children who can’t afford to live anywhere else, in garden accommodation.

Is there a pattern here? Topics that immediately affect people’s lives have been cleverly reconstructed as taboo, with swingeing penalties attached if the taboo is broken. Subjects that the establishment don’t want people to talk about, subjects relevant to their daily lives and their futures have been deleted from public discussion.

The entire British citizenry has effectively been gagged. Now people discuss these topics, furtively, only with closest friends, making sure there is no stranger nor lamp post listening – as if they were discussing a crime.

I spent the first 30 years of my life in a country where the only free thinkers and free speechers, appeared to be my parents. I loved England the moment I arrived for the opportunity to talk to anybody about anything. That England is dying.

When you stifle speech you stifle thought. And the subjects that most need to be aired, aren’t.

It is overdue for the United Kingdom to have a Bill of  Rights after the model of the USA. A free people should have free speech and not have to live under state censorship.

We are free citizens, not serfs.