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–  is not surprising.

After all, they both pursue the same goals of money and power.

They are both in the same business of exploiting people, getting them to work for little or nothing, and taking their wealth.

Political powers can use political, legal and administrative tools otherwise out of reach of criminals.

An alliance between political powers and criminals give political powers access to criminal methods.

Both profit from the partnership. The whole is greater than its parts.

It is not rare for political power to be criminal.

Democracy and rule of law have been powerful antidotes to political/criminal mergence. Perhaps it is an indication that   the political-criminal mergence has taken place that democracy and rule of law are under attack. Along with subversion and corruption of all our institutions.

Follow the money-trail. Money is being siphoned from our taxes, our wage packets, from funding of our institutions, our hiked charges, our higher rents, our bank balances, our pensions, our pockets. The robbery is wholesale and could only happen with political – criminal convergence.

That this is all happening together is not an accident.