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1.      So they can have people attacked, but they are not involved directly. Say the ruling class wish to keep a subordinate class suppressed. If they do it directly they are seen as tyrants, and people start to resist them. But if they allow criminals to run free in the populace, with the tacit understanding that if the criminals confine their attention to subordinate groups and leave the ruling group alone, no serious action will be taken against them. The criminals do their work for them and they have clean hands.

To facilitate this police concentrate their resources in protecting the highest in society from crime, however trivial, while ignoring as much as they can get away with, crime committed against the lowest classes in society, however serious.

Thus we have the result that concern about crime is greatest among the lowest social classes and a matter of blithe, even humorous, unconcern among the highest social groups.

2. From a general principle to a specific one. If rulers befriend criminals they can employ them to attack particular people. And the disconnect between who instigated the crime and those responsible, who are often shielded and not discovered, is greater. Crimes are a convenient way of attacking people without appearing to be involved.

A tyrant who acted directly would soon become hated.

3.  An established ruling class, as opposed to leadership arising among the populace and supporting the populace’ need, is in the business of oppression and exploitation. So are criminals. Their mind-sets are similar. Also their objectives. Rulers can learn from criminals about all the crimes that can be committed; the best ways to carry them out successfully;how to escape;  the best ways to avoid detection, including setting innocent people up to take the blame so people stop looking for the real culprits; the best ways to avoid or mitigate punishment, including muddying the waters, maximising confusion, spreading lies and misinformation, diverting attention and creating red herrings, playing the victim, mimicking innocence, making accusers and innocent parties look guilty, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Rulers are in a position to extract the greatest talents in society and employ them for their own exclusive use, and this includes criminal talents. It is a truism that crime has a positive correlation with opportunity, and the ruling classes have the greatest opportunities.

4.  They can share the spoils of crime with the criminals. There are two major criminal money-making areas. Organised crime, particularly the slave prostitution of the poorest women and juvenile females. And white collar crime which although very complex can be very lucrative alongwith extremely difficult to detect and prove. A burglar will steal your belongings. A white collar criminal will steal your house, business and life-savings. There has been a huge increase in the crime of  Identity Theft in recent years accompanied by virtual indifference from the authorities, whose best advice is on the level of buy a paper shredder. Bureaucratic indifference to obvious problems is often a sign that a scam is going on and the authorities are complicit.

Political indifference to obvious problems is another indicator of complicity. Poverty, especially female poverty is a major precondition of prostitution. Where the lowest social class of women cannot access work providing a living wage and they have families to support, where a man would resort to crime to feed his family, a woman is more likely to resort to prostitution. Those who wish to profit from the prostitutes work are dedicated to maximising the social conditions which cause prostitution and minimising the social conditions which minimise prostitution. The pimps therefore don’t want women to be able to avoid pregnancy, as the need to feed children is a mother’s strongest drive. Also the children make convenient hostages. And children, of course, increase poverty. The pimps would also be against social mobility, where, for instance, a lower class woman could increase her status through education, and so raise herself to a status where she is less likely to be targeted for recruitment to prostitution. Pimps would also be against equalisation of women’s status with men and would be opposed to the supporting ideology of feminism.

Poor women find themselves in the horrible situation of while their earning power is derisory and rarely sufficient for their needs, if the criminal/more powerful in society, instead of protecting them, force them into prostitution, they become a gold mine for somebody else. Just one of the ways the rich makes themselves richer by exploiting the poor.

Where prostitution occurs there is greater or lesser police involvement. Consistent police involvement with prostitution suggests the complicity of the establishment.

On a more general level the same pattern is repeated where individuals in society identify a social problem/detriment and either draw attention to it or come up with a solution. They usually find they are obstructed on all fronts. That authorities or politicians who are zealously swift in implementing changes which further their personal interests or the interests of the powerful are laggard in change which deals with a real social problem, is not a fluke. Not when it keeps happening. Nothing which happens (or doesn’t happen) in politics, happens by accident. The tactic most used is to obstruct, slow, delay, postpone, invent difficulties, divert, alter and hi-jack.  Sometimes forced inertia wears out the impetus of those trying to bring reform. The state in practical terms has infinite resources, alongwith endless backup,  at their disposal. Those trying to bring change have limited resources. Obstructive tactics soon exhaust the innovator’s resources.

The techniques rulers use are rarely simple and direct. They prepare the ground. They arrange multi-pronged attacks. They disable protections and escape routes.

If the state wants to turn a poor woman into a prostitute, a policeman won’t arrive at her door and force her to become a prostitute. High unemployment will be engineered. Lust towards women, antagonism towards them will be encouraged, crimes against them will be excused, their reasonable concerns will be ignored and every social mechanism will be used to invalidate them. They will be stigmatised and their honour smeared. They will be encouraged to adopt self-destructive behaviours and encouraged to ignore risks. The functions of women as sex objects, sex sirens and baby grower/feeder and minders will be emphasised at every turn. They will be blocked from increasing their status but every opportunity will be used to diminish their status. The moral support and protection of religion will be attacked. Feminism will be stigmatised, mocked and side-lined. Attempts will be made to prevent or close down women’s shelters. Exclusive female-only zones, will be abolished or prevented, so that every social area where a woman may be, males will be entitled to enter, so women cannot protect themselves from male predators by avoidance. Lesbianism will be re-framed as a voyeuristic entertainment for men. Voyeurism will be socially encouraged and normalised. Female independence will be stigmatised as abnormal.

Those who wish to turn poor women into prostitutes prepare the ground thoroughly. Financial support is taken away or diminished. Expenses are encouraged, having children most of all as they are hugely expensive. Family support is withdrawn either by the husband doing a bunk, or the woman’s reputation trashed to her family so they withdraw support. Smears against the woman’s reputation cause her to be rejected by prospective employers. Bullying at work causes her to lose her job. Male predators are encouraged to her vicinity. On a low income she cannot afford a safe place to live. Hate is fomented against her to justify attack and abuse. The rumour is spread that she is insane so she becomes socially isolated. Without money, status, a protector or friend, without social support, having been stigmatised, then set up for attack by criminals with all avenues for help destroyed, the scene is set to force the woman into prostitution.

Like white collar crime, it is a long-game, where the path is complex and not obvious, either in that it is happening or who is responsible for each step in the process. But the rewards are great. How much income does one prostitute generate for her pimp in one year?