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Why would the authorities be so against the idea of conspiracy, unless they had a real conspiracy to hide?

So, they create straw dog conspiracies. Ideas so outrageous that only nuts would support them. Promote them everywhere. Call them conspiracies in capital letters, whereas fantasies would be a better word. Now no-one can suggest a credible rationale for what appears to be going on. By a sleight of hand they are now a conspiracy nut.

Just a con trick. Just a cover to camouflage the truth so they can hide the truth in plain sight.

Jesus said – By their deeds. Ye shall know them. We can look at the evidence, the facts, and reason back from them to the people whose MO fits the evidence.

.    They are anti-Jew

.    They are anti-Christian

.    They are pro pagan and occult

.    They are against news

.     But they are for propaganda

.    They are against education

.    But they are for propaganda/programming in schools

.     They are against higher education

.      They suppress culture

.      – except their own trash version

.      Their idea of women is as baby factories and babies at their breasts

.      And as sexual “entertainers”

.     They hate blacks

.      They class lesbians as sexual entertainment

.     They are against the working class

.     They are against Trade Unions

.     They despise intellectuals

.     They hold law in contempt

.      They view themselves as above the law

.      They manipulate and re-design the political and legal structures

.      They despise democracy

.     They conceal their objectives

.     They lie about their objectives

.      They promise Utopia

.      – but only for their supporters

.      They ignore national boundaries

.      They make criminal alliances and protect and recruit criminals

.      They mock their enemies

.       They spread lies and smears about their enemies

.      They commit crimes, then attach the blame to their enemies

.     They experiment on non consenting human beings

.      They generate strife

.      They wage war then declare war afterwards

.       They ally with barbarians

.     They mock morality

.      They destroy religion

.      They want efficient transport links so they can travel fast

.       They terrorise the law abiding populace

.      They kidnap children

.       They destroy the disabled, the physically and mentally ill and the old

.      They excel in showcasing – in their shop window they put highly attractive public figures – beautiful actresses, handsome men, healthy athletes, prominent social personages like members of a Royal Family

.      They provide mindless, extravagant mass entertainments for the populace and sneer at those who criticise the pointlessness or waste of money

.      They suppress books

.      They re- write history

.      They hate publicity about what they are doing

.      They suppress knowledge about their crimes

.       They murder people

.       They agitate for war

.       – and accept no limitations

.      They channel huge resources into war

.       They despise peace

.       They hate journalists

.       But love propagandists

.       – and inventors of fairy tales about what they want to see

.       They control all media

.      They steal people’s wealth

.      They expect everyone, except themselves to work like dogs for a pittance


We have met these people before.

The last time they were called NAZIS