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– which is why they are so easily deceived by the upper classes.

When you are a working class person, especially a woman, you grow up knowing that the social class above you views you as garbage. They view you as stupid, until you rub their noses in it, then they hate you. They don’t view you as like themselves. They equate working class with criminal class and ignore the majority who are moral and decent and hard working.

But the middle class have an in-built sense of their own superiority. This is confirmed by other middle class people and they make the mistake of thinking everyone shares their world view.

When they interact with upper class people they are under the delusion that they will get the respect they think is due them on the basis of being middle class. What they don’t realise is that upper class people commonly view EVERYONE not of their class as garbage. So middle class are easy dupes.

Working class people are harder to con because all their “superiors” have generally treated them with undisguised contempt.