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We all know what money laundering is. It is the methods criminals use to make it look as if their ill-gotten gains were obtained legitimately.

But there is a new game out there. As a consequence of asset forfeiture laws the opposite of money- laundering is happening. That is the process by which police or other authorities make out that resources that were obtained perfectly lawfully were acquired criminally, making such proceeds subject to forfeiture. You could call it money-dirtying but that doesn’t sound right. That is, taking clean money and making it look criminally tainted when it isn’t.  It gives the police and like authorities a legal basis for stealing honest peoples honestly acquired resources by tainting them with crime. To make the thefts easier the confiscating authorities are relieved from the burden of providing any proof that the assets were criminally obtained.

On the face of it, it looks like a brazen con-game.

Legalised theft by the police?

OKaaaay. Anybody have any idea how you protect yourself from the criminal acts of people in authority, protected by unjust laws?