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One of the great things about the internet are the multitude of forums where people can relate their experiences. When this works the result is a more accurate world view than the censored and politically biased propaganda spouted by the mainstream media. People who otherwise would be silenced, have a voice. Clearly, the establishment does not like that and prioritise infiltrating forums to shout down anyone who says anything that does not accord with the state party line

For some people also their politics is their religion. And they cannot listen to anyone else without pre-scrutinising the message to search out anything that might be evidence against their chosen position. Not only closed minds, but they want to close everybody elses’s mind too.

The trouble with this is it is the same formula of censorship and suppression of facts which the power elites also engage in. There are two sides to every problem. At least two. To deny that a conflict of interests exists is to suppress the people whose interests are being damaged by denying them a voice. All voices need be heard. All points of view. All facts pertinent to the situation under examination. If you can’t identify the problem correctly you are not going to find the best solution.

Everyone who has ever expressed a rational opinion on a forum will have experienced this. You might only have been expressing an experience relevant to the issue under discussion, and then find yourself under a barrage of attack because someone does not want you to express that viewpoint. You can hardly say a word about unemployment, NHS queues or shortage of housing without some hyper-alert net vigilante accusing you of being a racist. It all helps to deflect attention from the reasons for high unemployment, NHS queues and housing shortage. If people could discuss these topics freely they might identify what is happening and find solutions. But those in charge have arranged the situation just the way they want it. They don’t want these topics freely examined.

And as we can’t talk about anything without immigration being dragged into the topic I will do that too. Namely, why do we need more immigration. Britain as a tiny country and one of the most densely populated on the planet is not suffering a people shortage, especially now that former retirees are now expected to work, the disabled and dying are dragged off their death beds and expected to work, and the young are denied benefits and expected to find work. The pool of workers in the country has never been larger . All that is missing is the work.

Resources and infrastructure have not been increased in line with the increased population, in fact resources, especially in the NHS (hospital beds) have been reduced to the lowest level since the 1960s, but the parrots in charge continue with their immigration is good theme. But let’s not talk about it outside the context that they have imposed on it, that any such talk is racist. They don’t want these subjects talked about. Ignore reality – accept  our version instead. And nobody talk about what is in front of them or ask the reasonable question, why is this happening? Immigration was imposed. It wasn’t on any party’s manifesto. Nobody voted for it. And it has been made a taboo subject.

And while on the subject of taboo subjects not to be discussed, what about the EU. What we were promised with the EU was the opening up of trading partnerships, not stifling of local business with endless irrational red-tape (Britain’s self-regulation was among the best in the world before EU impositions. Health and safety, standard of food production. There was no need for extra regulations from Europe who often did not meet our standards). And the draining of more than £50 million a DAY of taxpayers money into the Brussels black hole. Can we afford this? Could this money not be better spent here in providing the services that our bulging and ever-expanding population needs? If we stopped paying money to Brussels would ” austerity” be necessary.

And why did ANYBODY think that an extra layer of rip-off, lying politicians was a benefit to anyone, apart from lying rip-off politicians. There was no need for an over-government over the separate governments of European countries. The national governments were doing a good job, without the chaos and worsening conditions that the EU has brought. Would Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland be in the mess they are in today without the EU? Under the EU have conditions in the UK improved? Under the EU have the conditions in any European country improved? Apart from opened up opportunities for international criminals.  And why are the mainstream media not giving us news from this new country we belong to. On the one hand we are never allowed to forget about this new entity. On the other there seems to be a virtual black-out on news.

If you trust the people in charge, go right ahead and accept their agenda. That’s what con artists want after all. The cooperation of their victims.

I am for freedom of speech and thought and against censorship. For any problem to be effectively dealt with, all facts pertinent to the situation need to be brought into the open and considered intelligently. In my book you don’t win an argument by shouting the other side down. But politicians do. And when people in power don’t want something to be discussed, that is the subject that most needs to be talked about.