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What kind of society do you want to live in?

Do you want to live in a society where when you go to the doctor, the doctor ignores clear symptoms and tells you there is nothing wrong with you?

Or find that the library has “lost ” the book you wanted to read. Or that the book store is not able to order the book you want.

That your solicitor gives you wrong advice.

That your bank can’t be trusted to keep your information confidential.

Where the police lie about you telling people you have a criminal record when you do not.

Where your postman deliberately delays or “loses” your mail, with the approval of his manager.

Where your letters and e-mails to others are not delivered.

Where previous employers are visited and persuaded to alter your record of employment.

Where friends and relatives are told lies about you, and strangers are given your private information.

Where bureaucracies give you wrong information then hold you responsible for the consequences.

Where you are denied medical treatment.

Where you are denied Welfare that you are entitled to and your pension is stolen.

Where you are falsely accused of abusing someone you are caring for.

Where you are falsely accused of molesting children.

Where agents provocateurs try to induce you to commit crimes.

Where crimes are committed in your vicinity and the situation is staged to make you look responsible.

Where your defence lawyer is deliberately incompetent.

Where tradesmen do incompetent work and overcharge.

Where utilities send incorrect bills, and subject you to legal harassment.

Where prospective employers are told you are mentally unstable, and while in work you are sabotaged and bullied to make you act as if you are.

This is a short and far from complete list of tactics corrupt police and security services use against people they decide to target for any reason whatsoever. All the above becomes the society you live in when the police/security forces are out of control.

They corrupt everything they touch.



http://www.targeted-individuals.com.         (Army Veterans)

“Unperson A Life Destroyed” Denis Lehain