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Cui bene?

Nothing in politics happens by accident. So perhaps everything that is happening is not accidental, but planned.

Imagine a tyrant, who wanted to own everyone in society, and everything they had. His objectives would be to get rid of anybody who could resist and also to hi-jack all individualist adaptations to himself.

A civilised society, under rule of law, would not do for him. There are too many autonomous people, playing by the rules, getting on in life, and keeping the fruits of their success.

Manufacturing chaos opens all doors. It strips away the security in which enterprise flourishes. Smash down the door and the burglars and looters can help themselves.

But some people are more adaptive than others. Their life circumstances have made them so. Rural people are very self-reliant, in an environment where there is no-one else to help. Poor people have turned frugality, making every penny count, not wasting and inventive recycling into an art form. And then there are individual, unique adaptations to difficult circumstances. People with special psychological gifts for managing or deflecting trouble.

I remember a visit to a Women’s Aid hostel. The living room was filled with mothers and twice their number of children. The children were playing in a normal rumbustious manner, the mothers keeping an eye on them. I noticed one small boy, standing slightly apart. As he watched the group something strange happened. A fight broke out, out of nowhere. In a flash the entire group were shouting and shrieking at each other. The mothers collectively moved and quieted the situation. One told the silent boy to go away. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen, or if I had seen it. I knew what I felt. I felt the boy on the side had somehow instigated the chaos. He had learnt to deflect trouble from himself by generating trouble elsewhere. And these particular women, attuned to trouble, had developed enhanced techniques in defusing and calming situations. Possibly also identifying the genuine instigator.

Years before I knew I was a Targeted Individual, a target of gang stalkers, I remember other strange events. At University I shared a house with another student. She was a very easy-going person from a rural background even more isolated than my own. But she had come from a large family, poor, with laissez-faire parents, where the children were left to fend for themselves. One day her sister visited. At that time I was very poor, in debt and struggling to meet my daily expenses. I was making every penny work very hard indeed. The girl showed me some art work. A small painting in black and white of a country lane, trees in a storm. I liked it. But I could not afford it. But when the girl asked for £20 for it, I bought it. Twenty pounds then would have supported me for more than a month. When my flatmate found out about it she looked very annoyed, but said nothing. And I was puzzled.

Years later, when I lived with my husband in England, on holiday in a rural area, we went into a book shop. I was upstairs and there was no-one else in the room but a sales assistant. I had no intention of buying, just browsing. I was kinda aware of the sales assistant at the edge of my consciousness. Then I bought 3 books. They were suitable books, but I buy books extremely selectively. Relative to my interest I buy books rarely. Only years later when I discovered I had been gang stalked since University and had had the dramatic experience of people being moved into my multiple-occupancy address and practicing magic against me did I look back on these odd events and wonder if there was a connection. On the one hand to use me as an experiment to test someone else’s ability, on the other to see if I had a unique capacity to protect myself from witchcraft.

Generating social chaos exposes those people who are better adapted to the environment. There have been numerous events of gangs of youths being allowed to run wild with the permission/blind indifference of the police and other authorities, and when a householder stands up to them being attacked and killed. This gets rid of the protectors in the populace. The people who take a stand against oppression.

People with unique psychic abilities can also be flushed out by exposing them to social attacks where they are forced to use their abilities in self-defence. They can then be recruited – or else. Very useful to recruit people who can manipulate other people’s thoughts – who can change people’s minds. Who can make them choose a particular course of action at a particular juncture.

The mind-set of the ruling elite is very simple. Everything and everyone belongs to them. They brook no opposition, or even the potential for opposition. Any life adaptations that people can use to preserve autonomy, to protect themselves, they want for their own purposes.

Create chaos. Expose the talents, then recruit, by force if necessary.

Attack and absorb.


See http://www.targeted-individuals.com a site written by first Gulf War veterans, which contains much of interest.