No doubt you will have been irked at some time by some smug git coming out with the generalisation “that all white people are racist” or “all men are sexist”. Calm down. That is just distraction politics, divide and rule, pressing your buttons to make your emotions sabotage your thought process. Because there is one -ism “to rule them all and bind them” a real -ism which we all are guilty of, the foundation for every type of prejudice, the big one which those in charge don’t want people to think about, so they invest a lot of effort in throwing red herrings about – and that is CLASSISM.

Yes, we are all classist. From the upper echelon who feel robbed if offered less than a 6-figure salary and a platinum pension, down to the homeless person on the street who feels worthless and defers to people, everybody rates as more important than he is. The Master Race have thoroughly penetrated our world view and got everyone totally brainwashed into believing and acting as if some people are more valuable than others – not because they are more skilled, or more intelligent, or more moral than others, but simply accident of birth. And having successfully pulled off this con artist trick, help themselves to greater rewards and privileges which they casually but systematically deny to others.

And our most pernicious error, and it is widespread is to ascribe characteristics of credibility and honesty to our “superiors” while ascribing the qualities of dishonesty and criminality to the poor. The fact is white collar crime is the major venue for thievery in society, not the petty crimes of the poor. Yet the middle class, as a class, are not tarnished as thieves.

Yes, we are all guilty. We all make our individual contribution to the unequal social value applied to different people, even against our own interests. Women have a cheek accusing men of universal sexism, when they universally grovel and defer to men, and consistently support male interests at the expense of their own.

The lower classes with some justification despise those of higher rank, yet on a trip to London feel lucky and privileged if they catch a glimpse of a member of the Royal Family or some other famous celebrity.

Members of many ethnic groups will happily throw around accusations “that all whites are racist” when many such men are sexist, classist, and strive to marry the woman with the whitest skin.

Everyone wants to marry “up” not down. Everyone wants to marry wealth, not poverty, even when that wealth was acquired by morally dubious methods, when the poverty was honestly earned. The upper class bitch with the personality from hell gets a good husband, while the poor good woman has her choice of the badduns others rejected.

The school teacher favours the children of the middle class and views with suspicion the child of an honest electrician. And everyone grovels to the child of the celebrity – even the headmaster.

I could go on, but I think you have caught my drift. We are all guilty of CLASSISM. It not only penetrates every interaction in society, it is hard-wired into our brains, and yes, without being conscious of it, we reinforce it with our thoughts and especially our actions.

Oddly, or perhaps not oddly, Jesus Christ gave us the antidote to this pervasive sickness and social self-damage. Love other people as yourself. Care for the poor, the weak and vulnerable. Help others, do not exploit them. Be humble and have compassion. Do not defer to the wealthy clothes but look at the person. Value each person at their worth. Do not seek to raise yourself above others, nor push others beneath you. The great man is not great in God’s eyes.