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Targets are Bait

First of all, congratulations. After how many years (………) fill in the blank here, of being the target of community vigilante stalking, you have discovered what has been happening to you. You are now a member of a special minority – that minority of gang stalking targets who know they are being stalked. The majority don’t know. Many Targeted Individuals will have shared my experience. It took me more than 35 years to find out I was being subjected to gang stalking. The reason being present social conditions are so deteriorated that they provide ready camouflage for gang stalking activities, especially in urban areas. Noisy, anti-social, criminal neighbours; obnoxious bullying managers and work colleagues; rude and indifferent sales staff; long queues; bureaucratic incompetence and indifference to complaints; rip-off trades people. All these things are so common nowadays that experiencing a steady succession of all of them for years can easily…

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