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First, take a look at this article.


The thesis is that a government may deliberately implement policies which contribute to causing the premature deaths of sections of the populace which the govt wishes to get rid of – principally to save itself money.

Although this idea is not covered in the article, I would add the govt might also implement policies not only to cause the premature deaths of sections of society, but do so in order to steal their money.

Events speak for themselves. The govt recognises this in that radical changes which any fool could predict would cause extra deaths and harm, are made as swiftly and quietly as possible, with minimum attention from the mainstream media.

In recent years, in Britain we have had the removal of Wardens from Sheltered Housing, the govt marching in lock-step with Brussels directives. The Liverpool Care Pathway, which the mainstream media with the exception of The Daily Mail ignored, applied to hospital patients without their consent and without informing relatives. The Staffordshire Hospital scandal, again ignored by most of the mainstream media, Daily Mail excepted, accompanied by the community stalking and harassment that Julie Birchill was subjected to, who exposed the scandal. Reports appeared in the press of ambulances taking longer than an hour to reach call-outs to elderly patients. And recently we were told that ambulances may no longer come equipped with trained medical personnel.

On the Welfare side we have seen radical changes made to welfare provision which disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, the people that Welfare provision is supposedly designed for. With the retirement age being pushed back this includes the elderly, the disabled, sick and carers. Because of the way Housing Benefit is tied to Welfare, stopping Welfare payments also stops Housing Benefit, pitching vulnerable, poor people into homelessness, a situation that can hasten death from multiple causes – as does starvation when income is removed.

In Europe, our new country, which oddly is ignored as much as possible in the mainstream media, we have seen what has become of Greece as a consequence of EU membership. In Spain, Portugal and Italy there have been riots due to the high unemployment of the populace in general, but particularly the young, alongwith the damage caused by austerity policies. But you have to dig to find out what is going on, the mainstream media drags its feet in presenting news from Europe, unless it is the happy-clappy we are all in it together, smile for the cameras you Soviet- oppressed idiots.

Govt says, govt does. Nothing in politics happens by accident. These policies aren’t accidental. They are not oversights.  A five year old could tell you that withdrawing Wardens from Sheltered Housing will increase tenants deaths. As will ambulance delays of more than an hour to an elderly patient. And the Liverpool Care Pathway certainly will.

Recently activists on the alternative media have attempted to find out the numbers of extra deaths changes in Welfare have caused. They are making little headway against a govt which is treating those facts as a State secret. Why? If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear after all.

But that is just one part of the whole. I would like to see the numbers for all the extra deaths which have resulted from withdrawal of Wardens, delayed ambulance arrivals, neglect in hospitals, deaths in private care homes, deaths resulting from withdrawal of visiting care services, deaths from withdrawal of Welfare frequently on unreasonable grounds, and deaths from homelessness including people dying on the street or being attacked and killed in shelters. The point being all these changes were forced on us by government, changing situations which worked reasonably well, to ones which increase homelessness, destitution, risk of attack and premature deaths, in identifiable vulnerable sections of the populace.

Coincidentally, the same sections of the community who ARE continuously lambasted in the mainstream media as bed-blockers, elderly people with unaffordable pensions (yes, unaffordable in that no-one can afford to live on them, after a lifetime of high taxation), people feigning illness, Social Housing tenants occupying homes that are too big for them, Welfare scroungers.

Of course, our govts don’t scrounge anything. Taxpayer funded expenses, taxpayer funded mortgages, subsidised meals, travel allowances, £50 million a day to the EU, Euro MPs massive salaries and platinum-plated pensions.

And they are not above outright theft. Cyprus. And the trashing of Britain’s world leader private pensions has condemned the majority of pensioners, present and future to poverty and financial insecurity. Just when pension age had been pushed back, benefits and services to pensioners cut, and charges for services pensioners need, increased.

All the evidence points to Autogenocide. The poor, the old, the ill and the needy are a cost to society. Those in charge have mastered the art of channelling all of society’s wealth into their own pockets. Spending money on the needy they view as a waste of money they could otherwise pocket. Hastening deaths saves resources which they can then spend on increasing their 6-figure salaries.

And who is funding all this? We are, in the money we give to trans-nationals when we buy their products and in the taxes we give the government. They take our money and then use it to attack us.