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WordPress has just informed me that I started blogging one year ago today. So, as a gang stalking site, sort of, I have reached my first birthday. I wonder if I will reach my second as credible gang stalking sites, as exposegangstalking has noted, don’t last very long. By the time they have become visible to the community, about a yearish, they go silent or start spouting nonsense.

One of the best gangstalking sites, which I recommended, was gangstalkingexposed, written by an elderly American lady, who found herself targeted after the death of her mother. She was a charity worker and well-respected until the gang stalking started. She realised the need to advertise the gang stalking phenomenon and gave out leaflets with “Google gang stalking” on them. First her site went silent. Then it ceased to be listed on Google. When I found it on other search engines, her postings could not be accessed. The page was “frozen”.

I soon realised when I started blogging that I could add little other than anecdotal experience to the excellent gang stalking sites out there. The top three in my estimation are targeted-individuals, a UK site written by the first Gulf War veterans, who found themselves targeted by an astonishing range of dirty tricks, when they tried to get their just entitlement from the government for the thousands of soldiers damaged by Gulf War Syndrome – a condition the government continues to deny exists, despite everyone knowing about the mass vaccinations the troops were subjected to – some of them untested.

The other sites I recommend is the Canadian, exposegangstalking, possibly the clearest explanation of the subject out there, and fightgangstalking, possibly the best known.

I soon realised that the handful of personal blogs, like my own, were effectively preaching to the converted. Also I realised that the treatment Targeted Individuals are subjected to is just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps it would not matter so much if we were the only people in society being persecuted, but that is obviously not true. Something malign is working in Western governments, and changes are being forced which are life-destroying and causing deaths in vulnerable groups, such as the ill/disabled, the unemployed, the homeless and nearly homeless, the elderly, etc. Also, for all the political fanfare about political correctness and human rights, the evidence is lacking that any of the persecuted groups  – coloured, gay, disabled, and so on, are any less persecuted than before.

The only different contribution I bring to the gang stalking subject is my theory, shared by a few other targets, most notably Happy 707, that gang stalking is a con artist racket. That gang stalking is a cult, run for the financial benefit of the controllers. The reason I arrived at this conclusion was although my gang stalking started when I attended University in the 70s, when I moved away it was less obvious, concealed by other factors, most notably the horrible environmental problems which accompany living in London. Also, it was only after my husband’s death my gang stalking entered the overt phase. So I only found out about “gang stalking” last year . With nearly 40 years to look back on I noticed a startling, recurrent pattern. People associated with me, ethnic people, working class people, and lower middle class people, who had made good, had suffered massive financial losses, losing savings, their houses in the case of landlords, and their businesses. I realised, with horror and disgust, my role as a  Targeted Individual, the fictional criminal, the basis on which gang stalking recruits are recruited, being misled into believing they are helping to fight crime was to be used as Bait for gang stalking recruitment.

But who is going to believe my version of events against a figure of authority who claim, all at once, but to different people, that I am a drug dealer, addict, prostitute, mentally unstable, criminal who has been in prison, lesbian, paedophile, gypsy, terrorist.

Citizens, not Serfs, is my main blog, where I try to highlight matters of general interest. Most of my gang stalking blogs now go on Gang stalking Mysteries and I have another blog about bullying, called Beat the Bullies.