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In other words, political correctness is a sham.

Political correctness is supposed to create parity between all people in society. All the -isms (bar one, and this is most significant) are show-cased. Racism – the biggy. An -ism that never before existed cleverly tacked on to racism, which has no name but might as well be called culturism. Which means you can now be called a racist if you disagree with the mutilation of the sexual organs of infant girls; child slave marriage; arbitrary execution of female relatives on the whim of male relatives; and chopping up the bodies of children and throwing them in the river to bribe the gods to give you wealth and power.

A few standard -isms are added to make the picture look credible. Sexism, and desperately casting around for another heretofore neglected group, dis-ableism.

Now everybody feels good, everything is hunky-dory, right?

Well, no, actually. The police racing out to a house to remove a golliwog from a window, or stamping into a school to give a schoolchild a label of racist for using naughty language (perhaps the child was red-haired, but that doesn’t count) does not seem to have reduced the disproportionate stop-and-search of people of colour; has not increased removal of drug-dealers and gang members out of ethnic areas; has not improved the response to women and girls frightened of being kidnapped and killed by male relatives in ALL communities. Nor increased the protection of the physically or mentally disabled being harassed in their own homes.

Underneath the glitzy wrapping paper, nothing has changed. Blacks, coloured and ethnics are still discriminated against and mis-treated. Women, of all social groups are still abused, stalked, threatened, raped, forced into prostitution, kidnapped tortured and killed. The disabled are still mocked, exploited and attacked.

But most significant of all are the two major groups NOT covered by political correctness, who by implication are not discriminated against and so therefore do not need special protection. The main one is the working class and the other is the elderly, a group we will all belong to one day if we live long enough.

So our designers of social equality failed to notice classism, and overlooked the major group in society who are discriminated against, especially working class women. The largest discriminated social class group, who are arbitrarily dissed, just like blacks and ethnics, their qualifications discounted when they apply for jobs, blocked for promotion, confined to menial occupations and treated as criminals.

Likewise the elderly, entering into the frequent ill-health and vulnerability of the later years are ignored.

So what has political correctness done for everyone? Little. It has ignored two major sectors of society who are subject to disadvantage. And the show-cased groups are still disadvantaged and discriminated against, but that is now concealed under a veneer of blue lights flashing to remove toys from windows and criminalise children for being children.

The establishment is playing its old-game, re-packaged. Maintain the status quo at all costs, divide and rule, dramatically deal with problems that don’t exist, while ignoring long-standing ones which do, and constantly wiggle the situation so they can never be called to account.

Gold Watch Blues – Donovan (LP conversion) – YouTube
Artist: Donovan
Album: Catch the Wind
Released: 1965

Everybody happy now?