It is easy to say the word “bullying” and the word s “noise pest” and the words “anti-social hooligans” but these words go no distance to describe the living hell that such people make for others. And the authorities turn a blind-eye. It’s not their problem. I’m all right Jack, fu peasants.


It’s thursday night in Cambridge Court.  Just outside my door there are a gang of low life shouting , swearing and having a rare old time at my expense. They are taking over the day room for the night and I’m sure they will appreciate the new paint job that some charitable persons did a few days ago. Mind you , those ‘charitable’ people don’t live here either and I for one did not ask them to paint anything……It’s a hot close night – there is no air but my front door is firmly shut to keep out the noise. I don’t want my door closed but I’m only a tenant and what I want doesn’t matter. Tomorrow night there will be another gang in the day centre None of them live in Cambridge Court either. All of this is organised by the bullies for their own benefit of course…

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